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How does microMeet work?
microMeet is a Real-time Collaboration platform that provides products catered to respective use cases. The overarching microMeet All-In-One concept therefore guarantees that each microMeet product can be operated separately or combined with other microMeet products through the same Master Client.

Each microMeet product can be used intuitively and immediately without any training.

Innovative and intuitive technology

The general functioning is the same for each microMeet product. To run a microMeet session you need the Master and the Customer Client. Except for the microMeet admin Host Client all clients run without installation. The complete session management is carried out by the central microMeet server infrastructure.







Download Customer Client
The Customer Client can be made available to the participants either on your own Website or via Email invitation including a download link.

Secure connection establishment
The start of a microMeet session is easy and secure through the microMeet security concept. For a participation in a microMeet session the attendees need the Session-ID and if necessary an additional password. Both can be forwarded by the Master by phone or via Email invitation. After entry of the Session-ID the microMeet teamserver routes the attendees to the corresponding session and the connection will be established immediately.

Versatile opportunities
From this moment on the attendees can show each other their screens to present something, to work together on a document or a software application. In a support case the supporter is now be able to help customers with problems or questions directly on their computers.

Moderated Online Meetings
It normally makes sense to hold a moderated Meeting for major Online Meetings, Webinars or Online Trainings. Here attendees can only communicate verbally when the Master had admitted them to the floor. Therefore the regarding additional features will be provided.

Remote Control and further rights
As a presenter you always decide yourself which insights and rights you want to admit the seeing attendees. Only what was enabled explicitly can be seen or operated by the other attendee. Thus, the presenter retains control during the complete microMeet session.

In case of a connection interruption microMeet ensures the automatic Re-Connect. Especially for mobile connections via GPRS or UMTS this is of crucial relevance because the mobile connection can interrupt consistently for a short time. In this case the Re-Connect happens unnoticed for the users.
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