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Benefit from microMeet advantages
microMeet provides many advantages. Besides the microMeet All-In-One concept especially speed and image quality are preeminent to use microMeet even via mobile connections. And the intuitive user interface makes the usage of microMeet very easy.

microMeet advantages:

All-In-One Concept
With microMeet’s All-In-One Concept you can use all microMeet products with a single Master Client. The user interface of the Master client will adapt itself automatically according to your ordered microMeet products. That way you can decide spontaneously how you want to use microMeet, for Remote Support, Online Meetings, Webinars or Remote Administration. Your huge benefit: you always work with the same user interface and familiar functionalities. Instead of using several solutions with microMeet All-In-One you only need one software for all areas of application.

Immediate use without training
Do not waste time on complex products. The intuitive usage of microMeet desktop guarantees immediate use without training. This increases acceptance by your staff and their contacts.

Highest speed with unparalleled image quality
LunaX technology ensures extremely quick data transfer with high image quality. Even with slow connections the automatic bandwidth adjustment ensures optimal data transfer. This ensures even mobile staff can be supported via remote support and collaborate online via desktop sharing.

Mobile Realtime Collaboration
Although with low bandwidth connections the automatic bandwidth adjustment assures an optimal data transfer. Thus even mobile employees can take part in Online Meetings to collaborate online and benefit from Remote Support.

Central web-based client configuration and design customization
Using your personal My microMeet access you can configure the microMeet desktop clients specifically for the area of application and customize them to your corporate design within seconds. The centralized web-based configuration via My microMeet guarantees uniform and cost-efficient administration of all microMeet desktop clients.

Website integration
Let visitors to your website establish a direct connection to your customer support for immediate resolution.

Software integration
Due to the integration into your software the customer can establish a remote desktop session, e.g. with your customer support, directly from the software.

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