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 microMeet conference for Online Meetings
Collaborate with colleagues and business partners simultaneously via the Intranet or Internet to accelerate your cross-company processes. With microMeet conference you can execute online meetings worldwide independent of your current location.

The only thing you need is a computer connected to the Internet. Analogue, digital or mobile via UMTS – microMeet conference provides the highest image quality at extraordinary speed, even at low bandwidths.

Increase your business process efficiency with microMeet conference.

Your benefits
haken_blau.gif Execute real-time Online Meetings independent of location.
haken_blau.gif Discuss issues online to accelerate your decision-making process.
haken_blau.gif Speed up projects and teamwork considerably.
haken_blau.gif Reduce number of business trips, save costs and protect the environment.

WhymicroMeet conference?
Use instantly, without training: With its simple and intuitive user interface you can start using microMeet conference instantly and without training.

Runs without installation: You can start your online meeting instantly because no participant has to worry about software installation or configuration. Additional hard- or software is not necessary either.

A solution that fits: microMeet conference can be used independent of your company size. Whether you are a global player, or a mid-sized or small company, microMeet conference increases the efficiency of your collaboration and helps you travel less.

Always optimal transmission quality: The LunaX Technology ensures the best transmission quality even at low bandwidths for any participant. That’s the only way online meetings can really be effective

Ultimate protection: microMeet conference provides the maximum security for your online meetings. This means you are even able to discuss confidential subjects and transfer sensitive data to other participants anytime.

Save time and costs and protect the environment: microMeet conference saves you a lot of business trips due to the fact that issues can be discussed and decided online in real time. Thereby microMeet conference not only reduces your number of business trips significantly and saves costs; it also helps protect the environment.
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