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Security is essential
Very often sensitive data are transferred, discussed or jointly worked with during a microMeet session. For us, the security of your data and information take the highest priority. To guarantee this security we protect your data and information on several different levels with the 5-factor security design.

5-factor Security Design of microMeet

Encryption mechanism
Via the microMeet teamserver the clients establish a secure connection with a 256Bit AES end-to-end encryption through SSL between each other.

Code Signing
microMeet is digitally signed by Thawte (a Versign company). Therewith the vendor of the microMeet services is always clearly identifiable.

Closed Community Concept
When ordering microMeet you have the opportunity to choose whether only Master and Customer Clients that match can have a joined session.

Password protection
Besides the Client ID generated at runtime the host can protect a microMeet session by an additional password request.

Lock up function
As soon as all participants are in the session the host can lock up the session for further participants even if those have a valid client and session ID.

Security functions during a session

Stop remote control anytime
Granted remote control rights can be deprived anytime with one click.

Interruption of transmission
The presenting participant can interrupt the transmission of his/her desktop anytime with a click or by pressing F11. Just as easy the transmission can be reactivated.

Closing session
Participants can leave the session at any time. If the host leaves the session the whole session will be closed.

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