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microMeet technology sets new standards
With LunaX microMeet uses innovative transmission technology that sets new standards in speed and image quality.

LunaX is based on two neuronal networks, which equip microMeet with a high level of artificial intelligence. Due to novel compression and transmission methods implemented in LunaX microMeet provides synchronous online collaboration at the highest level in real time and true colors. microMeet always produces optimal results during online collaboration – regardless of bandwidth, computer equipment and contents to be transferred. Thanks to LunaX, even mobile workers can benefit from the advantages of microMeet.

LunaX ensures high speed and high image quality

LunaX compression
The compression method LunaX compression is an in-house development and uses different compression technologies depending on the screen contents to be transmitted. Therefore all screen contents are optimally compressed what ensures a very high transmission quality. This is bandwidth-friendly and produces optimal results with every connection type.

LunaX prioritization
Important screen content is transferred and actualized with high priority. Initially microMeet prioritization analyses and prioritized the screen content to then transfer the most important areas first. These areas are immediately at your disposal for editing and remote control. Hence, in contrast to common remote desktop solutions you don’t have to wait for the transmission of the complete enabled screen. This reduces waiting times and costs considerably.

LunaX memory
microMeet uses a kind of short-term memory that stores screen content that has already been transferred. Due to that there is no need to transfer the same screen content again. Therefore, LunaX memory reduces the bandwidth utilization and increases the transmission speed significantly.

System requirements
microMeet client programs can be used with any Microsoft Windows operating system from Windows 98 to Windows Vista. Special firewall or proxy settings are not required for the use of microMeet.

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