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microMeet reduces CO2 emissions
We all have the duty to leave a world behind to our children that guarantees them the chance of leading a life without suffering from rising environmental pollution levels.

The environmental-friendly use of limited resources and an increasing ecological awareness are essential factors for reaching this goal.

Products such as microMeet could make a very important contribution to environmental protection.

Protect the environment with microMeet.

Green IT is more than hype
It should be clear to all of us that Green IT is not only hype but must lead to serious measures for environmental protection. The information and telecommunication sector makes a not insignificant contribution to CO2 emissions. It's all the more important that concepts and products exist that contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

High environmental pollution due to rising travel
In our global business world business travel has been rising constantly for years. Flying to a meeting in New York has become a matter of course, as has visiting customers or partners by car or train. And the daily commute to work leads to more and more crowded highways. In recent years we have become come more and more aware of what immense costs all this has for the environment. However, there are products at your fingertips that make most of these business trips needless.

Reduction of Face-to-Face Meetings and On-Site Service
Online meetings and other real-time-collaboration products help to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. The number of business trips by plane, car or train can be reduced considerably. This helps not only to protect the environment but also saves time and costs for both companies and employees.

microMeet helps to protect the environment
microMeet is an ideal addition to your company if you wish to act in an environmentally friendly manner. Our products, which are catered to respective use cases, assist companies to reduce cross-company CO2 emissions due to reduced travel.

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